Friday, 17 August 2012

Halo 4 Update: New Weapons, Specialization Features, New Map!?

Hey guys, new update here. First, watch the update then I will talk a bit about the weapons and the new map.

Now, let's talk a bit about the new weapons.

The Suppressor, a brand new weapon making it's way to Halo 4. What is it supposed to be? Well I'm guessing it is basically the rapid fire gun, I believe, for the Prometheans. It looks different than the other forerunner weapons, although I only presume that because we never seen it yet in without the skin (which I think looks really cool, props 343). But, like the Scattershot and Light Rifle, it will probably have that silver-ish look to it as well as orange lights. I think it looks great, but I normally prefer human weapons when it comes to Halo, not sure why. Hopefully this gun makes me change that thought with all it's awesomeness.

The Boltshot, another new Promethean weapon heading at you. Little is known about this weapon and I can't really make assumptions about it yet, since it's hard to tell what it does just looking at it. I think it is like an SMG type weapon for the Prometheans but what changes my mind about that is that people got images hidden within the UNSC Weapons trailer which also leads me to believe it's a flamethrower, which seems more believable since those Promethean AI were built to eliminate the flood with their weapons that are supposed to get rid of any kind of material by making it dissolve, and flamethrowers are just kind of the way to go with 'zombie' like creatures. Like in Halo 3, the flame thrower was powerful against the flood, which I would love to burn. I don't have those images right now, but they are not all that great since they are just snapshots of the boltshot apparently being used from a far distance, so it isn't something to stress for about. Anyway, we don't know what this weapon does for sure but let's just assume it's a flame thrower, for now. Hopefully it's powerful.

Now, let's talk about the new artwork shown of a new apparently big team battle map.

Before I just talk in depth about this, may I just say that is amazing artwork and looks really beautiful, nice job 343! Hopefully the map is just as awesome. Now onto topic, what we see here is new concept art for a new map in Halo 4, which is going to be a big team battle map. It seems to be an open area which looks like a ship to me, but more or less a mountain top with scrap parts lying around like Boneyard on Halo: Reach. In the background we can see some sort of tower with looks very forerunner, so this map could be based on Requiem. Now to my taste, it looks great but I think it is too open, so I hope 343 will place 'bases' around the place to give it more of a big team battle feel, or a map in general feel since all it looks like is a giant open canvas right now, which makes me think that this could instead be the 2nd out of 3 maps designed for forge build, instead of one giant map like Forge World. It looks great for Forge instead, nice and open. Hopefully this is just a simple concept and will change much more later in development.

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-The Reclaimer


  1. Where did u get the map pic? It looks epic btw.

    1. Yeah I agree that it is quite open to be a btb map, but it also looks very big, even in comparison to forge world. And 343 said that the 3 forge maps would be smaller than forge world. But then again it's just a concept pic, so it would probably be different in game