Thursday, 23 August 2012

Halo 4: Returning - Achievements! Original Soundtrack 1 & 2 Details! (Halo 4 News, leaks etc)

Hey guys, check out the new update here before reading:

Want to touch upon that Halo 4: Returning is returning! Yes, see, I don't like name's like "Halo 4 News" and "Halo 4 Update", I felt Halo 4: Returning was my best name of a series. It's different and it just sounds better in my opinion. The old intro style is back with the Halo 4 trailers instead of just a camera panning on one picture. Hopefully I stick with this name this time. And if you are reading this, make sure to let your friends know about TheReclaimers343.

Now before I talk about the things I wanted to talk about in the update, I would like to say if you saw  mass deletion of videos, it wasn't my fault. Well it was, but it was because of copyright. If I want to keep my channel up and get a promotion with it I have to have zero copyright, so no music in the background or nothing until I start voice acting again, which may be never. But just enjoy it, I guess, it's like old times.

Now, onto what I wanted to talk about. Since the new achievements were revealed, it exposed how many campaign missions would there be. And there are 8, and before you try to ask 343 for a change, the campaign is finished. When I mean finished, it's finished. Done, put to the side and 343 is now working on the other modes. See, what I don't like about the sound of 8 missions makes it seem there won't be enough missions to hold the story. I know, mission count does not define game length but I just always assume that missions in Halo are normally short for long-term players. Except for Halo 2, I've played Halo 2 many times but the campaign seems really long, which makes it a good thing. Halo 3 was long the first time I played it, but now it seems it's way too short and the story didn't really 'fit' in it. It seemed kind of rushed. You may be thinking I'm excluding out Halo 1, but that campaign was long for me, but not long enough. Halo 4 should be around 10 hours in length, because I suppose it should have a giant story to start off. But that's just me.

Anyway, that is all, if you want to listen to the samples go look at the newest Halo bulletin down at Halo Waypoint.

See you guys soon.

-The Reclaimer

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