Sunday, 4 March 2012

Halo 4 reveal on Monday Confirmed

Vic Deleon, level designer for Halo 4, just tweeted:

"Hey guess what? Tomorrow you guys will finally get to see the stuff I've been working on at 343! I'm anxious, hope you like it."

 So, this could also mean that we won't just see some sort of in-game reveal like Reach. I'm guessing we will see something multiplayer related because he is the level designer, and he did say:

"Tomorrow you guys will finally get to see the Halo 4 stuff I've  been working on.."

Well, I can't wait ;)

See you tomorrow!

~The Reclaimer


  1. I can't wait any longer :) oh my god it will be awesome.

  2. It already came a few days ago lol ;P