Sunday, 11 March 2012

Halo 4 - Blog Exclusives (Exclusive-Included!)

Well, I'm considering to make some blog exclusives. They are going to be fan-made Halo 4 trailers and stuff, they will all be based on some speculation and some real info. Here's one small little preview I made on Gmod.

After I found out about the Covenant returning in Halo 4, I made this video to show
the surprise attack the Covenant pulled, entering the shield world John landed in. You see
a group of marines running for their lives as a live-action camera tracks the some covie ships
send out some sort of wave that causes a small quake-like shake. The video
then goes onto some theories I made based off of info I found before and now.

That's all for tonight. See you guys soon.

~The Reclaimer

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