Friday, 23 March 2012

Halo 4: Master Chief will be fighting Forerunners!

So, busy snoopin' around Halo Waypoint and found an interesting thread saying the Xbox Magazine was leaked. I clicked onto the topic, and sadly the post was editing by a mod but luckily, I scrolled down and noticed the author of the post also posted the link again and the mods didn't seem to block that. Click on the link and viola. I'm pretty sure it is legit.

Check out the video, look at the cover, go to full screen for the clearest writing and make sure to turn on HD. Make sure to like, comment and subscribe for more instant info.


-The Reclaimers

P.S, new Halo 4: Returning video coming out soon talking about Wraparound and this, as well as some other stuff.

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